Water filters under $200

best drinking water filterIf your budget is $200, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with poor quality water in your home. There’s lots of low-cost systems and they do a great job of getting rid of the bad taste of poor quality tap water.  Water filter pitchers or countertop gravity water filters don’t need any installation and can completely improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.

When you’re deciding on what type of water filter you’re going to buy, don’t forget to factor in the cost of replacement filters.  As filters need replacing, water quality and water pressure will start to weaken.  It is important that water filters are replaced  regularly so that you’re getting the best quality water at all times.

Our Top Picks

GE Refrigerator Water Filter

ge refrigerator water filter

The GE RPWFE is currently listed #1 Best Sellers in Appliances on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from more than 800 buyers. 

According to GE, this is its most advanced filtration ever, and is one of the most efficient fridge replacement filters on the market. 

The GE RPWFE strains out mercury, leads and other organic chemicals, and can remove any taste of chlorine left by treatment plants. 

The filter has a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip which detects leaks and monitors the filtration process.  The whole filter is lightweight and easy to install.  It has a warranty of at least six months that covers replacement as well as repairs.   

countertop water purifier

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear water filter pitcher is huge, it holds up to 18 cups.  It will filter 150 gallons of drinking water before the filter needs to be changed,  making it one of the best pitchers on the market. 

Aquagear claims that  magnesium and calcium are retained in the water while the filters remove contaminants, meaning you have clean, delicious water.

A lifetime guarantee is offered by Aquagear on the pitcher. Even if you break it, they’ll replace it.

This pitcher is impressive.  It is one of our top picks, despite the cost.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filterunder sink water filtration

If you need a water filtration system that’s simple to install, practically maintenance free and connects directly to the water line, then CuZn UC-200 50K is the system for you. 

The CuZn UC-200 50K filter has three methods of water filtration.

This system is unique. The filters last for a massive 50,000 gallons or 5 years. That is extraordinary considering the cost.

With its huge filter life, 3-stage filtration, low maintenance and great value, this system is really hard to beat for value.

Apex Countertop Water Filter alkaline water dispenser

The APEX Alkaline uses a 5-stage water filtration process, a big plus for a compact countertop system.  All  the necessary hardware is provided, and you can connect it to your existing tapware in just a few minutes.  This is a great unit.  The filters can last up to 1500 gallons.  All that you need is a simple filter change every few months.

This is a great countertop water filter system. It reduces a wide range of contaminants while raising the pH level and making the water really tasty. This system is highly recommended.

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